Insulated Sectional Doors

Sectional overhead doors are widely used for both loading bay doors and level access doors owing to their superior insulation properties.

Sectional Overhead Doors are usually electrically operated with a single impulse up control mode to ensure the door clears the opening every time, this prevents the door being hit by high fork truck masts etc.

These doors are available in a range of standard colours but you can personalise your building or reinforce your brand by using your corporate colour for a small extra cost.

Glazing is chosen form a range of standard options including square corners, rounded corners or full width panoramic sections. These are double glazed acrylic usually but other materials are available at extra cost.

Loading bay doors are generally interlocked with other loading bay products, we are on hand to advise you of the most simple and effective way of tailoring the sequence of operation that best suits your business.